Fraud Prevention: e-UCN

In 2019 there was over £53.6m recorded in cheque fraud. Making our role as an industry-leader in providing security critical to the future of clearing cheques correctly.

1. Speed – moving faster from customer to account

Due to the market-changing technology behind the new Image Clearing System (ICS), paper-based clearing is no longer used in the UK. Which is good news for companies and consumers, due to quicker processing times. Because cheques are cleared faster than ever, our e-UCN solution is providing the critical security required to match the speed.

2. Security – protecting customers from fraud

Last year, over 270 million* cheques were used for payments and to acquire cash across the UK. Cheques continue to be a trusted source for people across the nation. Though digital is modernising the cheque clearing process, there is still a need to protect the transactions.

e-UCN is powered by best-in-class prevention processes. Which means you are protected by a best-in-class solution.

3. Practicality
– no barrier to entry

We manage and drive most of the set-up, so you can leave the heavy lifting to us. With extensive industry experience, we can be relied upon to provide an excellent service as we are for many of the top UK banks right now.


To learn more about how e-UCN could protect your organisation, get in touch with us at For further information read our quick guide.


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Download our guide to find out more about the e-UCN solution.

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