Exam Papers

There are three periods of the year when students are required to sit exams: the mid-year assessment period in January, the year-end assessment period in May-June, and the exam re-sit period in late August-September.

To ensure that exam papers are received by schools and colleges on time and are kept secure we ensure that our project team:

  • Meet all deadlines for testing and approval of papers
  • Have all staff involved sign an NDA
  • Only allow approved staff access to the printing area while papers are being produced
  • Ensure Management Intelligence (MI) is sent out on a daily basis
  • Ensure traceability of all papers
  • Dispose of all waste securely, including printing plates

As a PCI compliant company our secure printing standards meet all the necessary requirements and we work with leading Banks, Insurance companies and Government Bodies, including the Standards and Testing Agency.

To find out how we can help you with your printing requirements or to visit one of our sites (COVID restrictions permitting), please contact us at

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