Cheques and Near Money Products

The UK’s leader for bespoke secure documents

477 million cheques were used by individuals and businesses to make payments in the UK in 2016. Reports of the death of the cheque may have been somewhat exaggerated…

Cheques & Chequebooks

Our secure printing facility in Crewe has a 120 year history of print production with cheques being printed there for over a century.

Today, that experience means that Communisis is the UK market leader in security printing. Our leadership of this market has seen a number of our techniques and developments adopted by the industry.

We print cheques, letter-cheques and near-money products for businesses, individuals, celebrities, government departments and even royalty.

Our in-house capabilities meet the exacting C&CCC standards for layout, design and security and Communisis has been the supplier of choice for the country’s major financial institutions across long-term supply contracts for 100% of their security requirements.

Download our guide to find out more about the e-UCN solution.

Watch a short video explanation of the e-UCN technology.



The introduction of the Image Clearing System could leave banks vulnerable to fraud

Direct Mail

Modern digital print brings quality and flexibility to large scale marketing and transactional direct mail

Personalised Video

Personalised video solutions for one to one communications


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