Marketing Technology

Technology for Marketing Services

From Digital Asset Management to Workflow, Catalogue and eProcurement tools; Communisis has assembled a range of tools and services to support the marketing services function, improving business efficiency and usability.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Technology

Our DAM technology CONNECT: DAM provides brand consistency and speed to market with absolute control.

CONNECT: DAM technology ensures strict asset control with secure central storage, version control and user management. Assets are filed in a logical, configurable structure with systems for collection, validation, renaming, metadata reviews, updates and uploads.

CONNECT: DAM can be used in three ways:

  • Used as a production hub to control content for artwork, digital and document composition use
  • Used as a brand and reference library
  • Integrated with Workflows to streamline creation and approval processes


CONNECT: WORKFLOW automates your campaign delivery processes to achieve measurable time saving and real ROI. Configuring best practice business processes frees up time to focus on creating winning campaigns.

With CONNECT: WORKFLOW businesses have access to a library of elements of functionality which can be used individually or in their entirety to give distinct efficient flows.

Using the latest technology and expertise, CONNECT: WORKFLOW delivers the marketing campaign business requirement, automating marketing campaigns and standardising artwork production briefing, quoting and scheduling. It monitors change management and compliance providing consistency and accuracy throughout the campaign.

CONNECT: WORKFLOW gives absolute control across the business with defined access to specific folders, files and tasks. Dashboard management capability allows users to focus on current assignments and delivery to agreed SLAs.


Consistency and availability of marketing collateral is key to business success. Over or under supply can hit bottom-line profit, and failure to acknowledge requirements for different store size and layouts can unnecessarily burn through promotional budgets.

CONNECT: CATALOGUES is a range of cataloguing solutions that provide easy access to marketing collateral, products, services and facilities for branches, outlets or other channels.

Web2Print and Standard eProcurement Stock Catalogues facilitate call offs on demand of printed material from warehouses or smaller outlets, while controlled minimum and maximum order levels ensure that you only keep the right number of items in stock.

The Consumer Catalogue integrates with the client’s website with options for viewing PDFs, Flipbooks or printed copies, while the Marketing Hub catalogue supports a range of marketing activity including digital alternatives to print, services and easy outlet ordering.


CONNECT: ePROCURE is a centralised procurement platform that maximises buying power while simplifying the buying of marketing collateral.

By offering real-time quoting for different production options – based on a basic specification – our Communisis sourcing and procurement team can provide better pricing and cost saving efficiencies on all marketing collateral.

Using CONNECT: ePROCURE you can reduce production spend and increase speed to market with instant access to contractual, market or bespoke prices.



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