Direct Mail

Print and mail services for marketing and critical communications

Modern digital print brings quality and flexibility to large scale marketing and transactional direct mail.

Print is the future…

Well, if not perhaps the future, it is still very much the now, with volumes of direct mail for marketing increasing year on year.

This increase in interest in direct mail print is driven by a number of factors: Continuing increase in regulation such as GDPR, an improvement in our digital print capabilities and anecdotally, the ability for marketing print to ‘stand out’ in a sea of digital communications.

The digital difference of print

But the main reason for this mini resurgence is that the inky old world of printing has changed and increasingly our clients are taking advantage of our digital print capability to personalise mail packs in real-time.

With Hi-def ink coverage from 1-99% now possible at scale and at pace, these solutions are finding new uses, particularly in response to high-value or high-risk moments in the customer journey, or where regulatory compliance and security are paramount.

Many of the compromises that were necessary in the old world of print are disappearing so that we are now able to respond to briefs with greater imagination and innovation. Music to your procurement team’s ears…

Print integrity and security

Over many years, Communisis has developed a sweet spot around transactional and regulatory print where security and integrity are paramount.

Across our eight print sites we print critical and marketing communications for banks, utilities, exam boards and insurance companies with jobs ranging from instore POS, posters and direct mail marketing packs, to bills, statements and cheques.

Our sites use enhanced integrity systems to ensure accuracy across over 6 billion items printed each year. If your print task is critical, and your back-office systems impenetrable, we’ve probably got a solution for you.

Strategic sourcing and supply chain management

Our industry-leading strategic sourcing capability allows us to identify the best product solutions for our clients and their customers while managing supply chains in a way that balances quality, leverage, sustainability and innovation.

In addition to our own print sites in the UK we also have offices in 10 major centres across Europe giving us both the reach and the region specific insight to support any client’s print or logistic objective.

Download our whitepaper on how to face into the legacy challenge.


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