Data Services

Data insight, strategy and solutions

Data is the fuel of business and our full-service approach brings together online and offline data sources to drive new business insight.

Bringing intelligence to life

If data is the fuel of business, gaining access to it, making it accessible and useable become business critical activities.

At Communisis Data Intelligence, our data team have the capability to capture this data from its many sources, both on and offline, to make sense of it, and release actionable insight for improved targeting and marketing performance.

Data strategy

Our technical solutions; from single customer views, to prospect pools, to decision engines, ensure that we are able to connect strategy with people to create behavioural change.

GDPR and data for compliance

If nothing else, GDPR has turned out to be a spur to invention. Until now brands have accepted a data ‘status quo’ that prevents coherent access to customer data as part of the ‘legacy technology’ problem.

At Communisis, our data team are supporting brands as they seek to better serve their customers with improved insight and personalised solutions across both marketing and transactional communications. In this context, GDPR becomes not simply a burden of regulation to be complied with, but an opportunity for opening up the value of the data you already hold and manage.

At Communisis Data Intelligence we bring your numbers to life. We show you what’s going on inside them. What the patterns are. What they tell you about your customers, your brand and your business.

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Modern digital print brings quality and flexibility to large scale marketing and transactional direct mail

Personalised Video

Personalised video solutions for one to one communications


Every day, our enterprise clients send thousands of customer communications via print, email and other digital channels.


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