Outsourced Mailroom

Creating a state of the art mailroom in an outsourced model

Build or buy

Outsourcing resource heavy, critical functions such as the mailroom can be a key opportunity for cost saving and efficiency gains. What many suppliers do not consider how critical this function is in relation to the customer experience. Lost personal documents, and unmet customer expectations can have negative impacts on experience, brand value and therefore lifetime value and cost to serve.

At Communisis, we understand the challenges of this key function and have a long history of delivering outsourced mailroom functions both on premise, and more recently via our dedicated inbound facility.

Our dedicated facility has the capacity to receive and process 300,000,000 physical pages of paper per year generating 600,000,000 images. Additionally, it offers our clients the ability to manage multiple inbound communication channels in native formats. Workflow, compliance and data management provide customers with the best possible service and end user experience.

We work collaboratively with you to build solutions that meet your project requirements and strategic business objectives.

Some benefits of our approach to mail room outsourcing include:

Straight Through Processing (STP) - Automated extraction and validation allows STP, resulting in reduced operational costs and quicker, or near instant, customer re-engagement

Digital Archiving and Retrieval – Our content and case management service helps control records and the storage of the images with the associated metadata to ensure client communication agility and data regulation compliance

Improved CX – Effective inbound communication and data management allows Communisis to provide the link to client outbound communication systems, which supports a positive and seamless customer experience

Secure Document Handling – Our ISO27001 compliant site is secure with double lock entry systems (via swipe card and access PIN number) security cameras covering all operational areas, Initial x-ray of items and secure document destruction for total customer information security

Forms Design - Improvement to outgoing documents combined with the use of market leading technologies enable automation and STP

24 Hour Operation – Anytime processing ensures that challenging client and regulatory SLA’s can be comfortably satisfied

Centralised and Distributed Scanning – The investment in a hybrid model gives us the ability to scan centrally or from anywhere in the world

UK Data Centre – All data is securely stored at our UK based facility

Download our whitepaper on how to face into the legacy challenge.


Enterprise Content Management

The way your business manages inbound customer communications is vital to providing a seamless customer experience


Classifying and defining customer content for onward processing

Document Scanning Services

Conversion of inbound communications into a consistent digital format aids automation


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