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The way your business manages inbound customer communications is vital to providing a seamless customer experience

How can organisations get better at managing and conducting customer-initiated conversations?

When looking at a range of industries, from financial services and banking to utilities and the public sector, the most common reason for dissatisfaction is the way customer interaction that requires ‘two-way’ communication is managed.

Customers are frequently frustrated by the options allowed for them to communicate with the organisation. This is compounded when a customer is required to resend information that has already been supplied, or when organisations are unable to recall and act on the history of their relationship or indeed the current conversation.

The solution to removing this friction, is a true ‘ECM’ capability that can effectively and efficiently manage both legacy and digital communications, in any channel, from and to customers.

Our end-to-end ECM solution, part of the ‘Connect’ platform, provides a seamless workflow that can incorporate automation and provide an easy to access archive for your customer communications.

Inbound content management

From physical mail to digital files in any format, our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) facility is designed to safely receive, manage, action and store any type of customer communication, across any channel, in its native file format.

GDPR compliance for handling customer data is built in to our systems to give our clients the assurance needed when managing sensitive customer communications on their behalf.

Key components of our ECM solution


Design – optimise straight through processing (STP) of customer communications.
Channels – safely receive any type of customer communication, across any channel, in its native file format, allowing customer content into Communisis for further processing.
Convert – receive channelled customer content and convert each native file into a consistent digital format, aiding the automation process.
Tag – classify and define documents by communication type through automated analysis of the content – e.g. complaint, application etc.
Lift – automatically extract meaningful data from customer communications. Examples include account details, policy reference numbers, claims numbers and customer preferences


Integrate – directly connect into client line of business (LOB) systems to allow two-way content transfer, validation or data enrichment.
Workflow – manage the journey and priority of customer communications, directing content to the correct part of the workflow, ensuring efficient processing.


Vault – secure digital repository, giving peace of mind to clients managing large scale customer communications. Authorised users can access and manage content, at speed, when required.


Insight – interactive reporting and dashboard solutions put data analytics at your fingertips, enabling better decision-making. Troubleshoot production issues in near real time and track longer term trends to identify process improvements.

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