Document Scanning Services

Conversion of inbound communications into a consistent digital format aids automation

Customer communication channels continue to grow

Customers communicate with brands across multiple channels and in various formats depending on where they are in their relationship with the brand and their needs at that time. Processing this information can be tricky and time-consuming to do effectively and consistently without converting the content into a standard digital file.

Digitise physical content

While digital content is received in native format, physical documents are scanned using the latest technology. These files are then converted to a standard digital format for onward processing. Original versions are stored for record or returned to the customer.

Downstream automation is facilitated at every stage, with image enhancement or rendering used where necessary to standardise output quality. The background or border is removed, and images are ‘de-skewed’ and ‘de-speckled’ to remove noise and enable machine reading.

Finally, pagination is applied to ensure the hierarchy of content received is kept and a logical structure maintained.


Enterprise Content Management

The way your business manages inbound customer communications is vital to providing a seamless customer experience


Creating a state of the art mailroom in an outsourced model


Classifying and defining customer content for onward processing


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