Content Management

Classifying and defining customer content for onward processing

Automation and the ability to process customer communications at speed relies on clear content classification

When managing inbound customer communications at scale, the ability to classify customer content is key to being able to effectively channel and extract the right information from it.

Using a multi-technique automated process, we are able to analyse the nature of inbound content - for example, a customer complaint, application or identification, and channel that content for action.

Straight Through Processing

Our ECM strategies are designed to improve Straight Through Processing (STP) by classifying and defining customer content at scale and pace to drive business efficiencies.

Meaningful data such as account details, policy reference numbers or customer preferences are extracted in real-time using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to handle large-scale production of customer communications.

Inbound classification and extraction features:

Barcodes - Where we are able to manage both outbound and inbound customer communications, we use barcodes to instantly identify documents

Image-based templates – Anchors used to identify structured content such as a unique form feature, such as an image or text block

Full page Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Text based keyword recognition to identify unstructured, typed content like complaints or claims

External look-up – Links to client Line of Business systems to validate classification of content, utilising OCR results

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) – Check box recognition to identify content, such as multi-response surveys

Exception Management – Manual support aids classification of content in the event of an exception

Automated Learning – Utilises any manual activity to enable self-learning within the platform, enhancing automated classification engines


Enterprise Content Management

The way your business manages inbound customer communications is vital to providing a seamless customer experience

Outsourced Mailroom

Creating a state of the art mailroom in an outsourced model

Document Scanning Services

Conversion of inbound communications into a consistent digital format aids automation


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