Personalised Video

Personalised video solutions for one to one communications

No matter how good your customer journey, some touchpoints in a complex relationship are of higher value or greater risk to your business. Personalised video can ensure clear understanding in your customers at these critical one to one moments.

Onboarding at the start of a relationship and cross or up-sell opportunities are two such moments. A customer that fails to onboard properly, even cancelling before the commencement of a service, brings additional cost in re-acquisition. Equally, unhappy customers who have struggled to understand the details of the product or service they have brought, increase the risk of a negative impact on NPS and may prove difficult to introduce to additional lines.

Possible use cases

There are number of key touchpoints that might benefit from personalisation, preventing unwanted call centre volumes and creating deeper brand engagement:

  • Explanations for complex transactional communications – bills, statements, policy documents.
  • Mandatory communications – notices of valuation, terms & conditions changes
  • Account information – balance information or credit availability
  • Future planning information – pensions and investment statements
  • Onboarding and welcome communications

Cloud-rendered, dynamic, personalised video

Our personalised video solution uses sophisticated rendering technology and proprietary algorithms to seamlessly integrate dynamic customer content into cinema-quality personalised videos.

This allows a wide range of elements to be personalised dynamically:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Animation
  • Backgrounds
  • Audio – voice-over and pre-recordings
  • Video – dynamic video elements within the personalised video itself
  • Scene branching – displaying different scenes to different users

Security & compliance

Personalised video can be delivered through many of your existing channels. Using a personalised URL and ‘shared secret’ your customer will only ever be able to access video with their own personalisation. This keeps your customer data safe and compliant with GDPR. It’s now even possible to personalise video in your social channels.

Success criteria

Hundreds of successful implementations of our personalised video technology has taught us that there are a number of key factors dictating success in the use of the channel, all of which Communisis can support you in the creation and delivery of:

  • High quality creative
  • High quality and available customer data
  • A clearly defined objective within the customer journey

Want to see personalised video in action? Follow the link and we’ll make it happen. 



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