Multichannel Communications and Digital Transformation

Great customer experience relies on the ability to communicate with customers in the format and channel that’s right for them

Gartner suggests that Customer Experience is defined as an aggregate of all of the experience at every touchpoint within a customer journey. Traditionally in-life customer communications have rarely been thought of in terms of customer experience, but legacy technology transformation promises the emergence of new multi-channel strategies to support improved customer experience.

The truth of customer experience progress for organisations that are regulated and have high volumes of post-sale one-to-one communications, is that success is defined as much by what is technically possible in Operations (accessibility of data, billing processes, document composition capabilities) as it is in Marketing (sophisticated approaches to brand awareness, acquisition etc).

Today, we partner with our clients to deliver complex customer communications that are omni-channel, real-time and allow the customer to move seamlessly from platform to platform and device to device.

Beyond our traditional priorities of cost and risk management in highly regulated markets, we add value to the wider customer experience at scale.

Functionally, our solutions provide multi-channel outputs from multiple data inputs linking together both inbound and outbound communications with an intelligent end-to-end strategy that maximises the value of the insight that emerges.

We specialise in the integration and convergence of legacy technology and processes with best in class digital solutions that join up the old and the new to benefit customer experience and fulfill business objectives.

High call volumes are a sign that something isn’t working for your customers. Poorly considered patches or quick fixes, instead of helping, can lead to increased friction and call volumes later in the journey. 

To find out more about our approach to digital transformation please download our whitepaper.



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