Information Design

Great documents improve customer understanding, remove customer doubt and prevent unnecessary contact centre volume

Information Design is the simplification, through language, structure and layout, of complex information to make customer communications as easy as possible to understand.

In the transactional customer communications space, malfunctioning documents are one of the biggest sources of increased cost and decreased customer satisfaction.

When a regulatory or transactional communication is one of your only touchpoints with a customer during their life cycle with you, it’s essential that a great customer experience is not ruined by poor design, content that only exists because of a regulatory requirement or because of difficult change processes.

Our Information Design team specialise in delivering documents with the following key elements:

  • A logical, clear and easy to read layout.
  • Clear and consistent language aligned with other elements of the customer journey and Brand.
  • Graphic visualisation of complex information to make it more engaging.
  • Consistent multichannel design solutions that give familiarity to customers across all types of communication.
  • Compelling calls to action, encouraging customer engagement through cost effective channels.
  • A technical specification detailing the parameters for document composition – ensuring your documents are designed to a specification that is fit for purpose in production.

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