Document Composition

The ability to access and optimise customer communication documents is key to success

The process of making changes to customer communication templates is often part of a complex IT workflow that can be expensive and difficult to negotiate. Poor change processes can result in communications that are out of date, deliver a negative experience or may even be non-compliant. You’ll most often see this impact in costs associated with increased calls to the call centre.

In order to combat the complexity that comes with these processes, including multiple document variants and the need for highly accurate personalisation, we have developed easy-to-use web-based document access for updates by non-specialist teams and multiple stakeholder sign-off.

Re-engineer and enhance

Communisis can re-engineer and enhance old communication documents without touching your legacy systems. To achieve this, we have developed a solution that combines specialist expertise with innovative software to extract all of the required data from your existing document output, including images and text, to allow us to then create refreshed communications that meet all of your business needs.

By removing the need to manipulate legacy systems, we can dramatically reduce the time required to make critical changes, while providing a range of aesthetic improvements.


Establishing a central approval workflow environment is critical to delivering effective, compliant customer communications. Our dedicated workflow tools enable multiple stakeholders to approve all your customer communications documents at the same time, and at speed, in a single web-based system, reducing errors and supporting cost-saving

  • Approve anytime, anywhere, with a secure and easy to use web interface that can be accessed from any device.
  • Accelerate approvals to improve efficiency of designing or changing documents.
  • Reduce errors – no more e-mails back and forth and no more printouts required.
  • Improve accountability with full audit trail that helps meet regulatory requirements.
  • Automated alerts – to help track jobs and approvals.

To find out more about our approach to digital transformation please download our whitepaper.


Fraud Prevention

The introduction of the Image Clearing System could leave banks vulnerable to fraud

Direct Mail

Modern digital print brings quality and flexibility to large scale marketing and transactional direct mail

Information Design

Great documents improve customer understanding, remove customer doubt and prevent unnecessary contact centre volume