Digital Mailroom

Leveraging Ai to automate a labour-intensive process, cutting costs and improving efficiencies.

­Digital Mailroom from Communisis can cut costs while using technology to improve customer experience and internal processes.  Currently, most emails or physical mail is read, categorised and sorted manually, but we use machine learning processes to help sort mail quicker – giving back time to focus on other business-critical activity.  Digital Mailroom will also present your business with the opportunity to be more green-friendly, minimising any waste of paper. 

Supporting our Digital Mailroom capability is the augmented intelligence service – Communisis Ai. Did you know that 80% of the data collected by organisations is unstructured? This content is usually human-generated and unpredictable in nature – making it time-consuming to process. Communisis Ai augments human intelligence to streamline end-to-end processes across customer service, supply chain and human resources. Enabling conversations that create true customer engagement and insights.

In modern business, differentiating yourself is not easy. If you want to ensure a competitive advantage, you must deliver an excellent customer experience. By digitising your mailroom, you will not only accelerate performance in everyday activity, but a fully integrated inbound comms solution will take your content and customer management to the next level.

To start your Digital Mailroom journey, please get in touch with our Enterprise Sales Director, Justin Aldrich,


Communisis Ai

Using market-leading technology and delivered as a managed service, Communisis Ai augments human intelligence to streamline end to end processes across almost any part of your business.

Ai, automation and the future of everything...

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