Retail Days - A Great Customer Experience by Pinar Zeytinoglu

I was delighted to be part of the 19th Retail Days, the biggest retail event in Turkey. Event owner, Suat Soysal along with his team did a great job once again, this year they have raised the bar in retail world. As Communisis Turkey this was our second year of being a sponsor at Retail Days and this year, it was far beyond our expectations. As Suat Sosyal underlined during the event, everything was brand new, venue, programme, theme, stages and even the logo.

The 2 day event kicked off with with a great performance by famous Turkish rapper “Ceza”! Ceza admitted that he hadn't experienced performing on stage at such early hour or to an audience of professionals. It was an alternative and very brave approach to opening a retail exhibition and Suat’s risk paid off. The performance was well received by all attendees, both visitors and exhibitors. It injected a positive energy to the whole event and was a great way to show retailers not to be afraid to try new things, take a different approach, be brave but to always be mindful of the customer experience.

On day one, Communisis were proud sponsors of the Customer Experience Stage where we were lucky enough to host Retail Sector experts such as Defacto CEO Ihsan Ates, President of Mudo Omer Taviloglu, Vice President Derimod Murat Zaim, Board Member Obase Haluk Alpay, Tubitak Consultant Ass.Prof. Oytun Erbas. All of the presentations were well attended, İncluding our own where there was standing room only, while Martin Smith our strategy director, captivated the audience talking about how you can use behavioural science in your marketing campaigns and create a truly valuable customer experience.


After our presentation, we had a great opportunity to host many guests on our stand. The exhibition attracted a diverse audience from international and local companies through to universities, industrial high schools, bringing board members, department heads, brand leaders, marketing, procurement, sales teams, university experts, high school instructors and students to name a few and it was a great pleasure to meet each one of the guests.

The wide range of guests enabled us to demonstrate our expertise in how we help make our Clients marketing communications more effective and efficient. From supporting with design, strategy or campaign management to bringing new digital and innovative ideas to the table. We were able to share real experiences with our clients, such as P&G, J&J, ISS and Sony to name few.

Many exhibitions come to a natural close as tired exhibitors and vistitors end a busy two days – but not Retail Days. The end of the event was addressed with the same importance as the opening and delivered yet again, another fantastic customer experience.

The show closed with an emotional performance from father and son duo, Paul and Josh Dwyer. Paul arrived in Turkey from Scotland over 30 years ago, fell in love with the culture and the rest they say, is history. Paul and his son perfomed on stage and were, to the audiences surprise, they joined by Suat Soysal. Suat’s passion and belief in identifying the best customer experience, drew him into the whole experience, and I believe, this is why he has been so successful creating the full theme end to end.


It was worth every second being part of Retail Days, as an exhibitor, sponsor and particpant. The Communisis Customer Experience stage was a real success so heartful thanks to Suat Soysal and his wonderful team, Sector Leaders, speakers and participants as this would not have been possible without you. I am extremely curious for the 20th year of Retail Days concept and cannot wait to see what the team have planned for next year.    


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