Gender Pay Gap Report

The UK government’s new gender pay gap regulations require companies employing over 250 people to report on their gender pay gap - the difference between average pay of men and women in a company.

Communisis employs 1,950 people in the UK, with another 150 outside the UK, spread over more than 65 locations and engaged in a wide range of activities and industries, shaping the future of communications for our clients.

Equality and Diversity are very important to Communisis, and we are proud of our continued Gold level accreditation with the Committed to Equality Organisation (C2E).

The gender pay gap regulations require ‘relevant employers’ who have 250 
or more employees to report. Communisis Limited has a number of employing entities. Based on the regulations requirements we are required to report on the entity Communisis UK Ltd. However, due to the number of employees we have who are employed by different Group entities which do not meet the requirements to report, we are also voluntarily declaring our overall Group results for all relevant UK based employees to show our true overall gender pay position.

In our report we will show a headline measure of a Group mean gender pay gap of 9.9%. Whilst this is significantly lower than the national average of 18.4% - there is obviously work we can do to improve our current position. In the report will lay out some of the things we are proud of within our company, but also the actions and steps we are taking to close the gap.

Please click here to view the full report.

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