Webinar: Rapid Comms

Watch our Rapid Comms webinar

Critical and urgent email that needs to be sent accurately but at scale can cause headaches for operational and marketing teams.

Deliverability, accessibility, content structure and design are all key to ensuring successful engagement.

To explore how Rapid Comms can help your business communicate with customers more efficiently, please get in touch 

Read about Rapid Comms in more detail in the below PDF download.


Rapid Comms Brochure

Communisis have developed a Rapid Digital Communications service where clients can onboard, create and issue critical bulk communications to their customers.


From one-time covering letters, complaint responses, collections notes and confirmations of appointments, to any other personalised communication, go.hybridmail can help you reduce costs, free up employee time, enhance and maintain governance and improve your customer experience – all from a virtual and dynamic workplace.


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