It’s time to change the way we ‘do’ risk management

Chief Risk Officer, Michelle Griffey, discusses changes to risk management in a rapidly evolving world.

Ai, Automation and the Future of Everything…

Key takeaways from our Ai Breakfast Session

Managing Digital Risk

Michelle Griffey, our Chief Risk Officer shares her thoughts on managing digital risk, discussing the evolution of traditional risk management and the challenges of managing risk with pre-digital processes. Read more about the approach Communisis take to Risk Management.

Communisis Ai

Using market-leading technology and delivered as a managed service, Communisis Ai augments human intelligence to streamline end to end processes across almost any part of your business.

A New Standard in Cheque Security

Cheque fraud is on the increase and banks are in need of an image survivable feature to secure their cheques from potential fraudulent activity.  Our cryptographic technology protects cheque through the image clearing process.

Getting Beyond the Hype of AI

AI has the ability to transform the way that companies do business, but they need to understand what it is capable of and how to implement it. 

The Impact Of Regulation On Customer Communications

Customer Communications has now come to refer to any bidirectional conversation between a brand and its customer. Our report looks in to regulation, risk and using people as our best defence.

Solutions for Water Companies

Water companies received 2 million unwanted calls in 2017/18 - read our guide to reduce unwanted contact and achieve better SIM scores.

BlueCrest™ and Communisis Case Study

Communisis collaborated with the BlueCrest™ Solutions Engineering team with the goal of improving productivity and efficiency across the enterprise. BlueCrest also worked with the Communisis team to develop a forward-thinking technology roadmap.


GDPR came into force in May 2018 with companies across all sectors working hard to make sure they met the compliance requirements. Read more with our whitepaper on the impact of GDPR on direct marketing.

Using data in a post-GDPR world

Sue MacLure, Head of Data, speaks to Business Reporter about how to use data in a post-GDPR world.

How to create differentiated thought leadership

Insight-rich thought leadership is a great way to showcase your asset management expertise and capture the attention of investment decision-makers. But with everyone talking about the same things, how can you stand out? 

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