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Brand value is at risk for every organisation faced with handling the plethora of human-generated information that flows in from customers every day. 

Despite the proliferation of rules-based automation that can handle structured data, 80% of the data collected by organisations is unstructured*. This typically human-generated, unstructured content is descriptive and unpredictable in nature, which makes it labour intensive and time-consuming to process. 

Delivered as a managed service, Communisis Ai augments human intelligence to streamline end to end processes across customer service, supply chain and human resources, enabling bi-directional conversations that create true customer engagement and insights.

Our platform applies best of breed AI and automation technologies, with a human ‘in the loop’, to process unstructured data, regardless of whether it is received in physical or digital form through multiple channels.

The outcome is streamlined processes, even in the most complex environments, that create business value, reduce risk and deliver great customer experience at scale.

Communisis Ai enables…

  • Capture and contextualise inbound customer contacts and content across all channels
  • Understand what customers are saying and what needs priority
  • Recognise and extract data even in hand-written documents
  • Respond to customers consistently with appropriate and personalised content
  • Integrate with line of business systems

For more information about our platform and services, read our ‘Augmenting human intelligence’ brochure which provides further details and specific use-cases.

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