On August 6th 2019, Carl Fayers, Process Manager from our Secure Print facility in Crewe was approached by the police* to assist them in identifying counterfeit cheques in an investigation. 

The intricate understanding of cheques that Carl has acquired in his 20+ year career at Communisis perfectly placed him to support the police in their investigation. That experience comes from Communisis being the UK market leader in security printing. Our position in the market has seen many of our techniques become the industry-standard. We print cheques, letter-cheques and near-money products for businesses, individuals, government departments and many more.

The police presented Carl with over 40 cheques, that claimed to have been ‘’printed’’ from several high-street banks, who suspected their authenticity. By following the security criteria pioneered in Crewe’s Security Print Facilities, used to protect our client’s cheques printed and cashed every day, Carl was able to confirm to the police that most of the cheques were fake.

Carl determined that in most cases, the print finish was incorrect – the fraudsters had used inkjet printers instead of approved lithographic ones, and they also had inconsistent UV features when compared to genuine cheques. Finally, most of them did not include an E-UCN (unique coded number).  

Discussing his findings following the investigation, Carl said “There are a lot of sophisticated tools that are used by criminals to produce counterfeit money-products. With the introduction of Communisis’ e-UCN this kind of fraud will be detected at the source”. While Carl admitted that the tools used by criminals to create counterfeit cheques had improved, this batch were not ‘’the best fraudulent cheques he’d observed in his time’’ and that ‘’a number of features had been observed and attempted to replicate by the manufacturer’’. Due to the pioneering security features on most cheques nowadays, printed by Communisis, we could easily spot the fake ones.

This is an excellent example of the Crewe Print Facilities leading expertise and we’re proud to have skilled colleagues such as Carl who have the knowledge to keep our clients and customers safe.

**Read more about the case here:


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