Ai, Automation and the Future of Everything…

Director of Strategy & Market Propositions, Adrian Odds


Or at least that’s sometimes what it feels like when people start talking about AI and Automation. It is as though we, the audience hold our breath, because it’s increasingly hard to see the wood from the trees in this conversation. Especially when the marketing rhetoric is so aggressive and so exciting.

To demystify the myths surrounding AI and Automation, Communisis ran a breakfast briefing event recently which focussed on creating strategic business value using these tools.

Key to this was the launch of our newest proposition, Communisis Ai. It takes a platform approach to Intelligent Document Processing and brings together a unique recipe of cognitive, orchestration and robotic capabilities – delivered as a managed service - to solve one of businesses’ most enduring challenges; How to manage the volume of inbound, unstructured human-generated content that flows in and around organisations every day.

The eagle-eyed will notice the incorrect spelling of Ai in our Communisis Ai strapline. Rest assured: it’s done by design. Because Communisis Ai is focused on Augmenting intelligence. This means human activity is supported by a digital assistant which reduces time and effort. Culturally, this is some way from an objective to automate inbound processes end to end.

This approach to augmenting intelligence ensures that content is handled with the appropriate care. Responses to simple, low-risk cases where confidence is high might be automated, while high-risk or high-value cases that deserve the nuanced touch that only a human can bring are handed off to a human agent – but with a new richness of context which previously could only have been defined manually, with time and effort. The outcome? Improved customer experience, with decreased cost and risk.

Along with me presenting the Communisis Ai platform, were two speakers, Craig Le Clair senior VP and distinguished analyst from Forrester and Andrew Burgess a strategic advisor on AI and CEO of newly launched AI Advisory business, Greenhouse.

Across two information and value-packed hours, we got a sense of the global automation landscape. We learnt that the rapid growth of RPA has largely been due to a failure of traditional enterprise to modernise – How much cheaper is it to automate a set of keystrokes than to properly ‘digitally transform’ a broken, complex and outdated legacy technology environment?

We also learnt from Andrew Burgess to define the real and strategic value of AI to your business before you start. Key to this being not to start with the question ‘Where can I use AI in my business?’ but with the question ‘Which of my business challenges would benefit most from an AI solution’. A simple but powerful change in approach that can dramatically decrease disappointment and improve outcomes.

As a BPO and service provider, Communisis has been able to take a pragmatic view of AI and to focus on creating a proposition that creates value for our clients and their customers. Communisis Ai seeks to use its platform of best in class technology capabilities to dramatically improve customer engagement while decreasing the cost to serve and removing manual effort. Because when we focus on customer outcomes, everybody wins.

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