Implementing a document management system for intelligent comms

Like many retailers, Homebase had fallen into a cycle of promotion and discounting, which only helped to improve the 9% of those that responded to these campaigns. 91% were non-responders to these promotions that also held around 50% share of wallet in the sector. Therefore, they needed to be able to personalise communications that would drive footfall from these valuable non-responders.

Our solution was to define, design and deploy a trigger comms programme through understanding a customer’s need for any given home, or garden improvement task. This enabled Homebase to initiate and maximise the projects that customers went through and grow customer lifetime value.

We developed a customised direct marketing platform, including a comprehensive digital asset management module, enabling Homebase to react quicker to changes (e.g. weather conditions) up to and including the day that DM print went to press.

Results: delivering continual growth, positive customer engagement & increased sales.

Up to 69% increase in ROI - 30% savings in BAU activities - 500% increased response rate

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