Global insurance client

Global insurance client

Driving digitisation to achieve a seamless customer experience

The insurance market is in the midst of a digital revolution. This is fundamentally changing the balance of power between companies and their customers. A Global insurance Company partnered with Communisis in a six-year deal to drive digitalisation throughout their business, helping them achieve their vision of a seamless customer experience.

The contract implementation was exceptionally complex, requiring simultaneous implementation of seven distinct service lines: marketing print, warehouse & logistics, creative services, outbound business critical communications, inbound communications, postal management and a CRM technology solution - all successfully implemented within an exceptionally tight timeframe, across five separate business units, a TUPE requirement of 110 staff, with a single go-live date.

Communications transformational planning is now underway; consistent, relevant and real-time customer correspondence will give our client a competitive advantage in an ever-changing insurance market.

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