Dedicated team providing actionable insights

Our team of experts use the latest analytical techniques and tools to provide performance updates and tracking, SLA and KPI measurement and most importantly creating the insight that enables our programmes of continuous improvement.

Each client reporting suite is created to their own bespoke needs, speaking their language and measuring the agreed metrics most important to them.

The team also create category and activation reports collating information from our teams around the globe enabling clients to see activity that they wouldn’t normally get to in person and to see executions across multiple retailers in multiple markets.

Insight Reports

Our team collate information on in-store executions from our local teams across the world. Combining the execution analysis with category performance and other data, they are able to provide actionable insights to our clients.

Our Podio platform enables every us to keep an eye on the retail world and capture the good, the bad and the ugly. This allows us to perform virtual retail safaris for our clients to specific briefs or for general innovation updates.

Communisis Activate help clients understand and anticipate customer behaviour so you can future-plan the success of your campaigns, deepening and strengthening relationships and maximising ROI.


Marketing Strategy

From strategy and idea generation to activation and evaluation.

Creative Production

We provide a range of experience, covering creative and structural design and mechanical art working through to email creative and digital asset creation.

Installation and Merchandising

Flagships, store roll outs or tactical - we can bring your campaigns to life in-store.