Over 55's - Create better online Shopping experiences

Following on from our initial focus of re-building trust and leveraging confidence in over 55's, we now look at how retailers can create better online shopping experiences with the needs and expectations over 55's at the forefront of design.  

Rethink the online shopping experience with desktop journeys first!  


There’s been a forced shift to online shopping over the last 8 weeks. Many older shoppers who have resisted for some time have had no other option and spend for over 55’s has nearly doubled throughout March and April but operational challenges haven’t lead to perfect experiences.


Brand and category promotions have been removed in favour of websites that function as well as possible, and the lack of delivery slots has been frustrating.


Despite this, this acceleration in market share will have a permanent effect with the rise to over 10% of grocery sales happening through online channels unlikely to drop dramatically.


FMCG brands and retailers must take the opportunity to refocus on improving the experience to make this a channel of choice rather than necessity.


For shoppers over 55, this tends to be done through a laptop rather than a smartphone app, so there’s more opportunity to improve the browsing experience.


Breaking out of logical organisation to inspiring categories would be a good first step as well as more campaigns that bring ‘retailtainment’ to the web.



  • Develop bespoke campaigns for older shoppers through .com
  • Work with retailers to revolutionise the shopping experience
  • Consider online sampling mechanics and more pre-store touchpoints to get on the shopping list.


Over 55's Re build trust and leverage confidence

Over 55’s are the most valuable group of shoppers in the UK, they are most affected by the global pandemic and likely the last group to be considered by marketeers when planning campaigns. The first of our 5 areas of focus to address the current and anticipated needs of this group is to re-build trust and leverage confidence - How?  

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