Over 55's - Be Ready for the big switch

Habits change during big life events and the over 55's aren't immune to the power of change - how do brands and retailers go about retaining their most valuable customers


By being ready for the big switch - Upweight trial tactics to capture shoppers in a stage of flux and plan to guard against private label


3 factors will make H2 2020 a shake up for many grocery categories. The knock on impact of major life events, the inevitable triggers from changing shopping habits and the all but certain recession ahead.


Behavioural scientist @Richard Shotton states that we are more open to changing habits during big life events and brands need to invest so as not to get left behind.


Normally this is interpreted as the start of a New Year, or when a milestone birthday is approaching. However pandemics could also fall neatly into that category. These moments cause us to reflect and reassess choices.


For grocery shopping, this might not mean an existential crisis when deciding which coffee to buy, but the mindset does again filter through to everyday decision making at a subconscious level.


Kantar data also shows that changes in shopping behaviour, such as which channel we shop through makes us more prone to changing the brands we choose.


Finally, over 55’s shoppers may be less susceptible to the direct effects of recessions (albeit far from immune), but the recessionary environment will lead many to focus in on saving money. Coupled with a rate of grocery inflation that’s twice the normal average right now means we can expect some significant changes in shopper bases over the next 12-18 months.



  • Reflect and reframe the major changes in all of our lives as a trigger to switching.
  • Target shoppers that are new to channels with trial tactics as they’re more likely to try something new.
  • Look at your price and promo strategy with the 08/09 recession in  mind. Private label won then. What will be different this time around?


Over 55's Re build trust and leverage confidence

Over 55’s are the most valuable group of shoppers in the UK, they are most affected by the global pandemic and likely the last group to be considered by marketeers when planning campaigns. The first of our 5 areas of focus to address the current and anticipated needs of this group is to re-build trust and leverage confidence - How?

Over 55's - Create better online Shopping experiences

Following on from our initial focus of re-building trust and leveraging confidence in over 55's, we now look at how retailers can create better online shopping experiences with the needs and expectations over 55's at the forefront of design.  


Over 55's - Highlight health & hygiene

With a huge rise in awareness of health and hygiene, how do brands and retailers give the over 55's comfort that safety remains a priority for the long term?

Over 55's - Serve new occasions at home

The madness of 2020 has delivered us plenty of unexpected family time and a renewed focus on home entertaining and celebrations. Understanding over 55's adapt to this will be key to delivery engaging campaigns to capture their attention.

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