BS101: Play the Game

Just because we want to Make it Simple, doesn’t mean we can’t spice things up a bit! We can almost certainly get clever with our campaigns by adding a simple yet playful tone to our offers.

Behavioural Science tells us that our very existence comes down to how we’ve evolved over time. We’re shaped by the challenges we face – and the ways we overcome them. This most certainly applies to the roles people play when they enter the shopping arena, with only their wits and their wallets for armoury. Next up is....

Play the Game

The immersive and competitive nature of games makes us pay more attention to things and can really help us to establish habits. Essentially, we don’t want shoppers to be passive. We want them to enjoy the experience of shopping with us - and to get them excited about the prospect. Buying then becomes a habit, not merely a possibility.

Adding in gameplay to your marketing can turn passers-by into participants, which then serves as the hook that holds their interest until they convert to cash-giving customers. If they’ve already made an investment in time or resource, then they’re more than one step closer to investing in your product in the most literal terms.

Give shoppers the opportunity to win the product (or a related but larger-scale item or concept) in order to build interest, and perhaps even give them the opportunity to have a stake in the future of the product or range itself, through the option of a vote. With this practice, customer loyalty really does build itself through the process of investment.

Focus on:

  • Playing to people’s competitive natures
  • Engaging your customers to the point of (positive) habit formation
  • Making the whole shopping scenario an immersive experience

If you don’t capitalise on gameplay and the spirit of competition whilst creating your campaign, then your competitors will. Who’s winning then?

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