BS101: Make Your Choice

The geeky but truly eye-opening world of Behavioural Science can offer a whole host of insights into the way people think, act and shop. When it comes to influencing these behaviours, there are undeniably some pretty great ways that you can make things more tempting to your potential customers as they browse your aisles and eyeball your offers.

We’ve done our research into 10 core behaviours that we really buy into at Communisis, to help turn our clients’ browsers into buyers.  First up?

Make Your Choice

Let’s start simple. The way in which you’re offered something can make you more likely to choose it. It can also have the opposite effect – if that’s the angle you’re going for.

Shoppers all have varying amounts of time, patience and money, but one thing they’ll nearly all always have a lot of is choice. They are inundated, in fact. From cars to cat food, and from cleaning products to cakes, head to the high street or slap a few searches into Google and you’ll be faced with every man and their results-driven dog trying to get you to pick their offer.

If you really want to stand out, you have to make your consumer’s life easy. Think less about big and bold, and more about small and simple. Make Your Choice is all about presenting key information in a way that's easy to understand, digest and act upon. You want to be nudging consumers towards making the ‘right’ decision. From your way with words to the way you set everything out in-store, keep the choices clear.

Focus on:

  • How you describe qualities and attributes
  • The options within a display
  • Making the benefits as clear as the features

We hope you enjoyed today’s BS101 lesson because we’ve got 9 more insights coming your way – should you choose to look at them, of course. 

Download our top 5 insights below or contact for more info on how the world of behavioural science could help you!

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