BS101: Make it Simple

Well we’re certain you had a good old laugh at it, but our last post wasn’t Just for Fun.  It’s a truly great insight that does indeed turn browsers into buyers. We hope you had some fun trying it.

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Make it Simple

Marketing is all about the details; we know this. We need to think long and hard about the language we use, the images we present, and the statements we make when all of these things are pulled together.

What us marketers don’t often concentrate closely enough on, however, is how long all of this information is going to take for our shoppers to process. And not just process, but digest, believe and act upon. It’s time consuming. We guess that’s why they’re called consumers!

We want to help you speed things up by getting you to think about pre-store priming. This simple process can help you bypass shoppers’ barriers and increase their attention at the shelf. The idea is that you make it simple for yourself to help your shoppers to find what they need and to have all the key info straight to hand to help them act quickly in making their purchase.  

Focus on:

  • Pre, during and post shop
  • Simplifying your message so that it’s clear to all
  • The channels you can use to prime the buying decision

You know that what you sell is amazing. Don’t get caught up in your marketing to lose sight of that simple selling point.

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