BS101: Let's Value Others

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Let’s Value Others

We think we’re all individuals, but evolution has taught us to value the thoughts and actions of other people, too. What people think about us shapes how we feel, how we react to things, and what we go on to do in the future. This very much applies to shoppers when flexing their purchase power.

When presenting options for our customers to buy, draw attention to what others will think about them should they make the purchase. Is it going to make them popular, or mark them out as a minority? Is it going to blend them right in, or make them stand out? Any of these outcomes could be considered as a positive or a negative, so this is where you need to do your market research before you even sit down to do your actual marketing.

Be honest in your claims and in what you’re trying to do, and embrace any negatives that people may have about your product or your brand. Now’s your time to make any negative publicity work for you.

Focus on:

  • Being aware of the views people may take of your product
  • Being transparent and clear about everything your product is (and isn’t)
  • Being open to hearing what others have to say

Valuing others – whether it’s opinions, input or even just their place in the world, is going to be key in building a relationship with your consumers. Build the relationship, and the brand will build itself.

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