BS101: Just for Fun

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Just for Fun

Humour and fun aren’t just enjoyable – they’re powerful. If you can make something outwardly funny – or even just inject a little bit of humour of any kind – it can really reduce people’s resistance to action. It’s also more likely to make the associated information you’re putting out there stick in their minds. Increasing awareness is vital for future purchase power.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as just creating a campaign that gives people a giggle. It’s about using it to your advantage to draw shoppers in from that point onwards. If people are having fun, then they’re relaxed. If they’re relaxed, they’re more likely to do whatever it is you’re encouraging (or outright asking) them to do. Everything just seems easier when you’re having a laugh, don’t you think?  

Whether you’re in marketing, branding, retail or creative strategy, when you plan a campaign, you want people to take part. In fact, it’s pretty much essential that they do. Make ‘em laugh, and make ‘em more willing to hand over their cash with a smile.

Focus on:

  • The audience – which type of humour is going to appeal the most?
  • The channel - how are you going to deliver the fun?
  • The strategy – how are you going to track your success?

Can’t wait to get your laughing gear around another big bite of BS insight? Watch this space. The next one is really simple...

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