BS101: Change the Context

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Change the Context

Experiencing a brand in a ‘brand new’ way can make us view it in a more positive or flattering new light. It can take quite serious matters and make them a lot lighter, more accessible and easy-going. It can take a middle of the road concept and add a couple of twists and turns in along the route. It can even make fun of the fact that there’s, well, little in the way of fun about the product.

Changing the context of a product or brand gives it a new lease of life and gives you the opportunity to open up to a whole new customer base of people wanting to buy both from you and into you.

Through changing the context of who you are, what you do and what values you stand for, not only are you widening your audience for potential purchases, but you’re also getting the best chance possible of turning even the most hardened cynics into your biggest future fans.

Focus on:

  • Reframing – look at the wider range of benefits your product could promote
  • Audience – look at the groups who don’t usually engage with you and see if you can target them
  • Channel – look at where your marketing and advertising will have the most impact (could it potentially go ‘viral’ on social media?)

Now’s the time to make your brand ‘brand new’. Change the context, and widen the net on attracting potential customers.

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