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What does it mean to go viral? - Blog by Robert Kowalczyk

Brands are becoming more aware of the impact their in-store experiences can have on consumers - and learning that word of a unique, eye-catching, or interactive in-store installation can spread like wildfire. Robert Kowalczyk, Country Manager for Poland, takes a look at what it means to go viral. 

Pride becoming big business - Blog by Gemma Warner

There has been a lot of support from both large corporations and independent retailers on the High Street during this years Pride celebrations, begging the question “what is the right thing for businesses to do?”. Gemma Warner, Senior Account Manager, takes a us down Oxford Street during Pride in London 2019.

One small step for retail, one giant leap for Boots - Blog by Joe Ward

Joe Ward, our Head of Sales & Marketing, takes a look at Boots new store format in Covent Garden, London and provides his view of the shopper experience.

FESPA 2019: Three things that most impressed me - Blog by Markus Reitz

Markus Reitz, European Cluster Sourcing Specialist, recently attended the FESPA Expo in Munich. Markus reflect on the show and pulls out three things that most inspired him.

FMCG AND RETAIL - How can you tell what works? Blog by Sue MacLure

"The perennial question about putting POS in retail outlets for FMCG is “how can I measure ROI?” Sue MacLure, Head of Data at Communisis gives insight on how you can tell what works in Retail and FMCG

Communication doesn’t, behaviour does - Blog by Martin Smith

When it comes to in-store communications, don’t just say it, do it. In this blog post by Martin Smith, Strategy Director, explores the evolving retail environment and suggests a more realistic goal

Meet Martin - Strategy Director

Martin Smith is Strategy Director at Communisis and TWELVE Agency who gives you the lowdown of his career to date; from milkman and hitch-hiker to planning and strategy.

Meet Craig - Head of PSP Permanent & Semi Permanent Display

Craig Oxley is our Head of PSP Permanent & Semi Permanent Display and has a passion for outdoor sports.


Understanding our clients challenges enables us to devise strategies, design, source, manage and activate campaigns across multiple channels and markets.


Joe is our Head of Sales & Marketing and has over 20 years experience... and has even had a single in the UK Charts! 


Katy Edwards, our Learning & Development Manager, has years of experience working with our international teams around the world to help support their professional development.


Paola is our Communications and Marketing Manager and has over 20 years experience in communications. 

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