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Over 55's - Re-build trust and leverage confidence

Over 55’s are the most valuable group of shoppers in the UK, they are most affected by the global pandemic and likely the last group to be considered by marketeers when planning campaigns.

Over 55's - Create better online Shopping experiences

Following on from our initial focus of re-building trust and leveraging confidence in over 55's.

Over 55's - Highlight health and hygiene

 With a huge rise of awareness in health and hygiene, how do brands and retailers give the over 55's comfort that safety remains a priority for the long term?   

Over 55's - Serve new occasions at home

The madness of 2020 has delivered us plenty of unexpected family time and a renewed focus on home entertaining and celebrations. Understanding how over 55's adapt to this will be key to delivery engaging campaigns to capture their attention. 

Over 55's - Be Ready for the big switch

Habits change during big life events and the over 55's aren't immune to the power of change - how do brands and retailers go about retaining their most valuable customers?

August in-store

A whistle stop tour of some of August's in-store activations 


September in-store

A whistle stop tour of some of this month’s in-store activations!

BS101: Just for Fun

You’re back for more? 

Onwards to BS101 lesson number two of using insights from Behavioural Science to help you create campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Let’s get ready to turn browsers into buyers!

BS101: Play The Game

Behavioural Science tells us that our very existence comes down to how we’ve evolved over time. We’re shaped by the challenges we face – and the ways we overcome them. This most certainly applies to the roles people play when they enter the shopping arena, with only their wits and their wallets for armoury.

BS101: Dangle a Carrot

We’re almost halfway through our Behavioural Science series of posts, giving you insights into how to channel the very essence of your potential customers, so that you can create campaigns that really convert. Still happy to Play the Game and continue?

Of course you are, because it’s almost like you’re being tempted to continue through the series by way of the promise of some kind of reward in each post. With that in mind…

BS101: Let’s Value Others

Do you care what your competitors think of you? Of course you do (we know you do). Get them to feel nothing but envy towards you as you show them how it’s done when it comes to cracking consumer marketing.

BS101: Change the Context

At Communisis, we have a commitment to show that we really Value Others, and that’s why we’re going to ask if you’re enjoying our Behavioural Science series of marketing insights.

You are? Brilliant. Let’s crack on, and start looking at changing things up a bit in how we present our brand identity and reflect this in the products we showcase.

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